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Accessory Switch - Quick Start Guide (Coming Soon)

Your HALO Home In-Wall Accessory Switch allows you to control HALO Home Smart Lights or HALO Home Smart Accessories. When the controls on the Accessory Switch are used, it sends a wireless signal to the HALO Home Smart Device to turn ON or OFF the light(s)/device(s). In this Quick Start Guide you will:

  1. Pair your installed HALO Home In-Wall Accessory Switch to the HALO Home App.
  2. Learn about additional features and information.

I. Pair Your In-Wall Accessory Switch

1. Install and Pair the HALO Home Smart Lights/Devices that the Accessory Switch will wirelessly control.

(Refer to the device instruction sheets and Quick Start Guide for specific instructions for that device.)

2. Install the In-Wall Accessory Switch

(See enclosed instruction sheet. For indoor use only. The HALO Home Accessory Switch only controls HALO Home Smart Lights/Devices. It does not control non-smart lights/loads).

Once powered your HALO Home In-Wall Accessory Switch will:

  • flash the indicator LED to show that it is ready to be paired

2. Create your HALO Home Account

Download the HALO Home app and register >

Already a HALO Home user? Skip to the next step.

3. Add the Accessory Switch to the app

IMPORTANT! iPhone 11 Users. Having issues? Please read this>

Note: Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on and within 40’ of the Accessory Switch.

  1. Tap the " ☰" menu button.
  2. Navigate to "Devices" and tap the " + " icon.

(The app will scan for your installed, unpaired devices).

  1. Select the Accessory Switch and click “Add” to complete the pairing process.

Once paired, the Accessory Switch’s indicator LED will stop flashing.

4. Associate the Accessory Switch to a device or group

Note: Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on and within 40’ of the Accessory Switch.

The Accessory Switch can control either one specific device (Smart Light*, Smart Switch, Smart Dimmer*, or other Smart Device*), or a group of devices (groups will need to be created in the HALO Home App before a group can be associated to an Accessory Switch).

Once the Accessory Switch is added, the “Controller Settings” screen will open.

  1. Select between “Devices” or “Groups” and then swipe until the device or group the Accessory Switch should control is displayed.
  2. Tap “Save” to store the settings.

To make changes later, from the menu, select “Controllers” and then select the Accessory Switch.

*If an Accessory Switch is associated with dimmable devices, the Accessory Switch will only issue ON and OFF commands. It will not allow adjustment of light levels.

Note: If the device firmware is outdated, an exclamation point will display on the device in the device list. Tap the exclamation point and following the onscreen instructions to update the device.

II. Additional Accessory Switch Information

Reset your Accessory Switch to factory settings

If removal is not possible, delete it by clicking "my device is broken" and then do the factory reset steps:

To reset the HALO Home Accessory Switch to factory settings:

  • Press and hold the ON button for 12 seconds to reset.
  • The LED will start flashing indicating the reset is processing and will continue flashing to indicate that it is ready to be paired with the HALO Home App.

Power cycle behavior

The HALO Home In-Wall Accessory Switch does not directly control lighting loads. A power cycle to the Accessory Switch will not have an effect on the wirelessly controlled Smart Light or Device.

Note: If the controlled HALO Home Smart Light/Device is powered from the same circuit as the Accessory Switch, a power cycle will affect all devices on the circuit. Refer to each device’s quick start guide for details on expected power cycle behavior.