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Smart Bluetooth Speaker Downlight - Quick Start Guide (Coming Soon)

HALO Home Bluetooth™ Speaker Downlights can be controlled from your HALO Home App or HALO Home Controllers. Smart devices easily connect to your Speaker Downlight for streaming audio. Up to 8 speakers in a room (1 primary and 7 satellites) can be grouped for simultaneous streaming.

In this Quick Start Guide you will learn to:

  1. Pair your Speaker Downlight
  2. Group Speakers
  3. Connect a smart device for audio streaming
  4. (Optional) Stream audio from your HALO Home Voice
  5. Additional features and information

I. Pair Your Speaker Downlight

1. Install the Speaker Downlight

(See enclosed instruction sheet.)

Once powered your Speaker Downlight will:

  • turn ON at 100% brightness & soft white (3000K) color temperature
  • flash twice to indicate that it is ready to pair
  • the small LED indicator will stay ON for approximately 10-seconds

Note: Once powered, the Speaker Downlight will allow Bluetooth connection for audio streaming. For best results and to access grouping features, pair the downlight to the App before connecting and streaming to the Bluetooth speaker.


2. Create your HALO Home Account

Download the HALO Home app and register

Already a HALO Home user? Skip to the next step.

3. Add your Speaker Downlight

IMPORTANT! iPhone 11 Users. Having issues? Please read this>

Note: Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on and within 40’ of the Downlight.

  1. Tap menu ( ☰ )
  2. Select "Devices"
  3. Tap the " + " icon.

(The app will scan for your installed, unpaired devices).

  1. Select the Speaker Downlight and click “Add” to complete the pairing process.
  2. The connected light blinks once to indicate it has paired.
  3. Tap the Pencil icon to rename it - if you are going to group speakers, make sure to identify in the name which speaker will be the Primary and which speaker(s) will be Satellite(s).

II. Speaker Groups

Not grouping speakers? Skip to the next section.

What are Speaker Groups?

HALO Home Bluetooth Speaker Downlights allow you to stream audio to a single speaker (in its default “primary” operation mode) or a group of speakers. 

Through the App, a Speaker Group can be made up of 1 Primary and up to 7 Satellites (8 speakers total), a connected smart device’s audio will play on all grouped speakers.

Note: The Bluetooth speaker component uses a direct Bluetooth connection for audio streaming which is accessed through the Smart Device's Bluetooth settings menu.
It does not stream audio through the HALO Home Bluetooth Mesh used for lighting commands. For best results, keep Speaker Groups within a single room to prevent signal disruption. The distance from the Primary to any Satellite should not exceed 33-feet line-of-sight.

Multiple Speaker Groups may be created in the same HALO Home account to accommodate Speaker Groups in different rooms. Each room’s Speaker Group will operate independently.

Create a Speaker Group

1. Make sure your Speaker Downlights are paired to the HALO Home App

Follow the instructions in the previous section “Pair Your Installed Speaker Downlight to the App”.
Note: Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on and within 30’ (line-of-sight) of the speaker(s).

2. Planning and Prep

Before you begin, decide which Speaker Downlight will be your Primary device.

  1. Tap the " ☰ " menu button.
  2. Select "Devices" and tap the row to turn OFF each downlight that will be part of the Speaker Group. This will make it easier to see the speaker’s small LED indicator during Grouping.

3. Grouping

  1. Set Primary Speaker
    1. Tap the “>” to edit the Primary Speaker
    2. Once connected, set Speaker Mode to "Primary" and tap “Group” 
    3. Dismiss to acknowledge the message.
      Note: The Primary's LED indicator will blink slowly for 1-minute while it attempts to Link to Satellites.
  2. Quickly navigate to the first Satellite
  3. Group Satellite to Primary
    1. Tap the “>” to edit your first Satellite Speaker.
    2. Once connected, make sure Speaker Mode is set to "Satellite" and tap “Group” 
      Note: While in grouping mode the Satellite's LED will blink rapidly and then stay ON for 10-seconds once it links to the Primary or for 1-minute if linking is unsuccessful.
  4. Wait for the LED indicators to turn OFF on the speakers and then repeat steps 1 & 2 for each additional satellite speaker until the Group is complete.
    Note: Make sure that only 1 Primary is in Grouping mode at a time to avoid satellites linking to the wrong Group. 
  5. Repeat for any additional rooms

Removing a Speaker from a Group

To change a Satellite to a Primary, simply tap "primary" in its settings screen.

If a Satellite is paired with the incorrect Speaker Group, put the correct Primary speaker into Grouping Mode and then tap "Group" on the Satellite speaker's settings screen. It will link to the new Primary speaker.

III. Connect a Smart Device for Audio Streaming

Any HALO Home Bluetooth Speaker Downlight that is set up as a “Primary” speaker will appear as an available device when you run a Bluetooth scan on your smart device. For best results make sure your smart device is within 30 feet of the primary speaker.

  1. On your smart device, access the Bluetooth settings.
  2. Run a Bluetooth scan and then locate the “HALO-Spkr-XXXX” in the list of devices.
  3. Tap the device to begin the pairing process. The speaker will chime when the device is connected.

Note: Once connected, the smart device’s Bluetooth screen may allow you to rename the Bluetooth speaker connection to make it easier to find if there are multiple speakers showing.

The smart device can now be used to stream audio to the Speaker Downlight. Use the smart device controls to adjust the playback and volume.

Disconnecting from the Bluetooth Audio

  • The Bluetooth audio will automatically disconnect if the device is moved out of range of the connected Primary Speaker Downlight.
  • To disconnect manually, access the smart device’s Bluetooth screen and select the “HALO-Spkr-XXXX” connection.  When prompted, select the option to disconnect. The speaker will sound an audible beep to signal the disconnect.
  • Select the option to "Forget this Device" if you do not want to connect to this speaker from the device again.
    (This will require you pair the smart device to the Bluetooth speaker before you can stream audio to this speaker again.)

IV. Stream Audio from your HALO Home Voice (Optional)

Learn How>


V. Additional Features and Information

Lighting features to try:

Override lighting manually (temporary)

To manually turn on the HALO Home Bluetooth Speaker Downlight without using the HALO Home App or Controllers, cycle power to the light one time. The lighting will turn ON to its last known dim level until it receives the next App, Controller, or voice command.

Factory Reset Speaker Downlights

If the device has been paired to the HALO Home App, remove the device from the app to reset the device to factory settings.

  • Steps to Remove a Device

If removal isn't possible, delete it by clicking "my device is broken" and then do the factory reset steps:

To reset a Speaker Downlight back to factory settings:

  • Use a standard wall switch, circuit breaker, or the air gap switch on a HALO Home Controller to cycle power to the Speaker Downlight as instructed:
    • Repeat this pattern 4 times:
      • Turn OFF for 2 second
      • Turn ON for 5 seconds
  • After a brief delay, the Speaker Downlight will:
    • flash twice and change to its default soft white (3000K) color temp to indicate a successful reset
    • the small LED indicator will stay ON for approximately 10-seconds

Speaker Downlight Dimming

  • The Speaker Downlight can dim down to 5%
  • Dimming must be done either with the app or with HALO Home dimmers (HALO Home Accessory Dimmer, Anyplace Dimmer or Multi-Room Scene Keypad).
    *Do not use with any other manufacturer's dimmers.

Adjusting HALO Home Bluetooth Speaker Downlight color temperature

Use the mobile app to adjust color temperature (CCT) of your Downlight(s) from warm white to cool daylight (2700K to 5000K.)

Power Cycle Behavior

  • An unpaired Speaker Downlight will turn ON to 100% & 3000K color temperature (CCT) and will flash twice if power is cycled
  • A paired Speaker Downlight will turn ON to the last known dim level (If the light was OFF previous to the power cycle, the light will turn ON when power is restored)
  • If a satellite speaker loses power but the paired primary speaker does not, the satellite speaker may not automatically reconnect after power-up. If this occurs, cycle power to the primary speaker and satellite within 1-minute of each other to refresh the connection, or, use the HALO Home App to access the device settings of the primary speaker and re-initiate pairing.