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MicroEdge™ Downlight (HLB) - Quick Start Guide

Your HALO Home MicroEdge Downlight can be controlled from your HALO Home App or HALO Home accessories. In this Quick Start Guide you will:

  1. Pair your installed HALO Home MicroEdge Downlight to the HALO Home App.
  2. Learn about additional features and information.

PLEASE NOTE: While HALO Home devices can be used on standard switches, they prefer constant power and then to be controlled wirelessly. To avoid accidental factory resets: install with HALO Home Controllers (Accessory Dimmer or Hardwired Multi-Room Scene Keypad).


I. Pair Your MicroEdge Downlight

1. Install the MicroEdge Downlight

(See enclosed instruction sheet.)

Once powered your MicroEdge will:

  • Turn ON at full brightness (100%) & 3000K color temperature
  • Flash twice to indicate that it is ready to be paired

Already a HALO Home user? Open the app and skip to step 4.

2. Create your HALO Home Account

Download the HALO Home app and register >

Already a HALO Home user? Skip to the next step.

3. Add your MicroEdge (HLB)

IMPORTANT! iPhone 11 Users. Having issues? Please read this>

Note: Make sure your mobile device’s Bluetooth is turned on and within 40’ of the Downlight.

  1. Tap the " ☰ " menu button.
  2. Navigate to "Devices" and tap the " + " icon.

(The app will scan for your installed, unpaired devices).
Installing several Devices and Controllers? Check out the Installation Guide

  1. Select the MicroEdge (HLB) and click "Add" to complete the pairing process.
  2. The connected light blinks once to indicate it has been paired.

Note: If the device firmware is outdated, an exclamation point will display on the device in the device list. Tap the exclamation point and follow the onscreen instructions to update the device.

II. Additional MicroEdge Downlight Information

Now you can:

Override lighting manually (temporary)

To manually turn on the HALO Home MicroEdge Downlight without using the HALO Home App or Controllers, cycle power to the light one time. The lighting will turn ON to its last known dim level until it receives the next HALO Home App, Controller or voice command.

Reset the HALO Home MicroEdge Downlight to factory settings

If removal isn't possible, delete it by clicking "my device is broken" and then do the factory reset steps:

To reset the HALO Home MicroEdge Downlight back to factory settings:

  • Using either a standard wall switch, circuit breaker, or the air gap switch on an Accessory Dimmer cycle power:
    • Repeat this pattern 4 times:
      • Turn OFF for 2 second
      • Turn ON for 5 seconds
  • After a brief delay, the HALO Home MicroEdge Downlight will flash twice to indicate a successful reset.


  • The HALO Home MicroEdge Downlight will dim from 100% to 5%
  • Dimming must be done either with the app or with HALO Home dimmers and accessories

Adjusting Color Temperature

Use the mobile app to adjust the color temperature (CCT) of your Downlight(s). (The HALO Home MicroEdge Downlight has a CCT range of 2700K to 5000K.)

Power cycle behavior

  • An unpaired HALO Home MicroEdge Downlight will turn lighting ON to 100% and will flash twice if power is cycled. 
  • A paired HALO Home MicroEdge Downlight will turn ON to the last known dim level (If the lighting was OFF previous to the power cycle, lighting will turn ON when power is restored)