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Smart Bulb - A19

1. Install the Smart Bulb

PLEASE NOTE: While HALO Home devices can be used on standard switches, they prefer constant power and then to be controlled wirelessly. To avoid accidental factory resets: install with HALO Home Remote Controllers (Accessory Dimmer or Hardwired Scene Keypad).

  • Once powered your Smart Bulb will turn ON at:
    • Full brightness (100%)
    • 3000K color temperature (CCT)
    • and will flash twice to indicate that it is ready to be claimed
  • Note: Light blinks once to indicate it has just been claimed. It restores the saved dimming and CCT levels on subsequent power cycles.

2. Create your HALO Home Account

Download the HALO Home app and register

Already a HALO Home user? Skip to the next step.

3. Add Smart Bulb

IMPORTANT! iPhone 11 Users. Having issues? Please read this>

  • Press "+" to add your Smart Bulb

Note: Make sure your HALO Home device is installed, powered ON, and within 25 feet for it to be discoverable and show in the list.

4. The app will search for your installed, unclaimed devices

  • Select the light and tap "Add" to complete the pairing process
  • The light blinks once to indicate it has been claimed


  • The Smart Bulb will dim from 100% to 5% using the mobile app
  • Dimming must be done with the app or with HALO Home controls (Accessory or Anyplace dimmers or Multi-Room Scene Keypad)
    HALO Home TIP: Use the HALO Home Smart Dimmer to bring any dimmable light fixture in your home into your HALO Home Smart Lighting System!

Adjusting Color Temperature

  • Use the mobile app to adjust color temperature (CCT) of your Smart Bulb(s)

Now you can:

Reset to Factory Setting

If removal isn't possible, delete it by clicking "my device is broken" and then do the factory reset steps:

  • Using either a standard wall switch, circuit breaker or the air gap switch on an Accessory Dimmer cycle power:
    • Repeat this pattern 4 times:
      • Turn OFF for 2 second
      • Turn ON for 5 seconds
  • After a successful reset, the light will blink once and then dims down to 5% at 3000K to indicate being unclaimed.
    It will blink twice on subsequent power cycling until it is claimed with the app.

Manual Override

  • If the light is OFF in the app, cycle power one time, the light will return to the last saved ON state