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Multi-Room Scene Keypad

1. Install the Scene Keypad in your desired location (See enclosed instruction sheet)

  • Once the keypad is installed properly, ensure the LED indicator blinks after pressing the Power/Wake up button.

If you have already registered for a Halo Home account, you may skip to step 4.

2. Download the Halo Home App to your smart mobile device

3. Register your account and validate

  • Enter your email address as your user account name.

  • Select a password of at least 8 characters from the mobile application "Register" screen.

  • Verify identity by clicking the link in your confirmation email.

4. Add the Scene Keypad to the app

  • Press the " ☰ " menu button in the upper left corner

  • Navigate to "Controllers". Then press the " + " button on the screen.

    - Battery Version: Select the “Battery Powered” tab (pictured below)

    - Hardwired Version: Select the “AC Powered” tab

  • Select the switch and press "Add". (It will take about 30 seconds for the process to complete.)

  • You can now associate it to a device.

Note: Stay in range. Your mobile device will need to be within 40' of the device when pairing.

5. Configure Keypad Buttons

  • In the menu under “Controllers”, select your Scene Keypad

  • Tap the “Pencil” icon on the key you are associating

  • Select the Device/Group/Scene you want to control and press “Save”.

  • Repeat this process for all four keys.


6. Using Your Keypad

  • Press (1-4) to turn ON that button's assigned Device/Group/Scene

  • Press UP/DOWN arrows to adjust brightness

  • Double tap same button to turn OFF assigned lighting

  • Double tap Power/Wake up button to turn OFF all Devices/Groups/Scenes assigned to the entire keypad



Remove the Scene Keypad unit from user account (using the app)

  1. Navigate to the Controller page in the app

  2. Select the Scene Keypad to open the controller settings screen

  3. Tap on "︙" menu in the top right corner

  4. Select the Remove option

  5. When prompted, press the Power/Wake-up button to complete the removal.

  6. The process may take up to 30 seconds to complete.

  7. When successfully reset the LED indicator will stay ON for 5 seconds and then start blinking for another 30 second

Alternate Reset Steps (Physical reset)

  1. Press the "1" button - 4 times

  2. Press the Power/Wake up button - 4 times

  3. Press the "1" button - 4 more times

The LED indicator on the unit will:

  • Stay ON for 5 sec. 
  • Then blink for 30 sec.

IMPORTANT: If you physically reset your device - go to the app and remove the instance of the unit you have just physically reset.