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How to stream audio from Voice to Bluetooth Speakers

Stream Audio from your HALO Home Voice

The HALO Home Voice is a smart recessed downlight with Amazon Alexa built-in. The Voice is purchased separately and requires a connection to the Amazon Alexa App through your Amazon account. It has a built-in speaker for audio but also allows Bluetooth connection to other devices. Like other smart devices that allow pairing to Bluetooth speakers, the HALO Home Voice can stream audio to a HALO Home Bluetooth Speaker Downlight that has been set to primary mode and is within 30 feet of the Voice. 

Before making the connection

  • Make sure that your Voice unit is paired and setup in the HALO Home App and the Alexa App per the instructions found in the HALO Home Voice Quick Start Guide.
  • Make sure that your Speaker Downlights are setup/Grouped as desired.
  1. Open your Alexa App and login to your Amazon account.
  2. Select “Devices”
  3. Select “Echo & Alexa”
  4. Select your HALO Home Voice
  5. Tap “Bluetooth Devices”
  6. Tap “Pair a New Device”
  7. Select the “HALO-Spkr-XXXX”. Your Speaker Downlight(s) will emit an audible tone and the HALO Home Voice will announce “Now Connected to <device name>”.

Your HALO Home Voice will now stream audio through the selected speaker or Speaker Group.
Note: The Voice like all Amazon devices will not play audio when streaming to Bluetooth devices.

Disconnecting the HALO Home Voice from the Speaker Downlight

Like other smart devices, the Alexa App can be used to disconnect, reconnect, or forget the Bluetooth connection between the HALO Home Voice and the HALO Home Bluetooth Speaker Downlight.
Note: The primary speaker will audibly beep when the audio source is disconnected.