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How to install Anyplace Dimmer batteries?

Please follow these steps when replacing the batteries in your Anyplace Dimmer.

  1. Remove the 3 old batteries from the dimmer 

  2. Slide one 2032 cell battery into place

  3. Turn the movable dimmer over and you should see the red status light ON and then OFF

    - After the red status light turns OFF, you can insert the remaining 2 replacement batteries and you're done.

    - If the red light does NOT turn OFF, continue to step 4

  4. Remove the single replacement cell battery that you just inserted

  5. Wait 15 seconds

  6. Slide a single replacement battery into a different battery slot

  7. Again, ensure that the red status light turns ON and then OFF before inserting the remaining two batteries

    - If the red light does NOT turn OFF, start over at step 4