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Add, Modify, and Remove Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Adding a Light Fixture

To add a HALO Home recessed lighting fixture, such as the RL4 or the RL5/6, you first need a HALO Home account.

  1. Connect your HALO Home compatible device to a power source and stand nearby. This process works best when your HALO Home fixture is powered and within about 100 feet of your phone or tablet.
  2. The fixture will blink twice when it is powered and ready to be claimed to your account.
  3. Next, you will add the fixture to your account by pressing the Add Device or + button on the HALO Home App. If additional devices are in range, you will be able to add them to your account one at a time.
  4. Select the fixture you wish to claim to your account.
  5. Tap Add at the bottom right of the screen.
  6. The Device Configuration screen will appear, allowing you to program dimming level and color temperature.

Modify a Light Fixture

Once you have claimed a light fixture to your account, you can assign a name and a picture to the light fixture.

  1. Navigate to the Devices screen. To name or assign a picture to a newly claimed device, tap the three vertical dots icon to the right of the device.
  2. Tap the pencil icon on the right.
  3. To name this device or assign/change it’s picture, tap the photo icon icon or the pencil icon in order to edit picture or edit name, respectively.
  4. When editing the device’s name, simply type the name you’d prefer in place of it’s currently assigned name and tap OK.
  5. When editing the device’s picture, choose whether you would like to take a picture of the device using your smartphone or tablet, or if you already have a picture, from your photo library.
  6. This opens the camera resource in your mobile device. Take a picture of your device.
  7. If the picture is acceptable, press Use Photo.
  8. The device configuration page will update with the picture you selected.


Remove a Light Fixture

Follow these steps to un-claim a HALO Home light fixture from your account.  The device must be turned on and in range for the un-claiming process to be successful.

  1. Tap the three vertical dots icon then the pencil icon to access the device's configuration screen.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the configuration screen for that device, and tap Remove on the popup menu.
  3. Confirm that you want to remove the selected device from your account.
  4. HALO Home will remove the device from your account.
  5. The device is now removed from your account.