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Manually Synchronize Clocks in HALO Home Devices

Schedules in the HALO Home system rely on software clocks in each device.  Any time you open the HALO Home app on your mobile device, the clocks in your system will automatically sync.  If you have an Internet Access Bridge in your account, your clocks will always be in sync.

Sometimes, if your schedules are not executing properly, it is best to manually resync the clocks in your HALO Home system.  There are three ways to update and/or repair the schedules saved in the memory of the devices:

  • Option-1: Open the HALO Home app, then turn a the device that is not working correctly ON/OFF.  The app will automatically update the clocks on all of your devices.
  • Option-2: Manually sync date and time. This option enables you to synchronize the clocks on your devices with the time on your phone. To use this function, follow the directions below.
  • Option-3: Run the Schedule Check-up function. Schedule Checkup double-checks the viability of the schedules stored on your switches and corrects any errors. Take this step if Option 1 or 2 does not work for you.


Manually Sync Device Clocks

  1. Tap Devices in the main menu.
  2. Select any device you want.  This process will sync the clocks on all of your devices.
  3. From the dashboard, tap three vertical dots on the right side of the device you choose.
  4. Tap the pencil icon.
  5. Press the three vertical dots on the upper right of the device's configuration screen.
  6. Press Sync date and time on the popup screen.