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How do I install an In-Wall Accessory Dimmer?

The HALO Home In-Wall Accessory Dimmer is used to command HALO Home Smart Lights & Devices.
The red wire can be used to provide constant power to HALO Home Smart Lights (but these do not need to be wired to a Smart Lights in order to control them).

Controllers like the Accessory Dimmer send wireless commands, while Smart Lights and Devices receive those commands.

Below are diagrams illustrating how to wire HALO Home Smart Lights using the Accessory Dimmer:


Single-Location Wireless

Single-Location Wiring Diagram



Multi-Location Wireless Diagram

Multi-Location Wiring Diagram

For in-app setup and pairing see our Quick Start Guide.


You can also download the instruction sheet below.


  1. halohome-accessory-dimmer-ins.pdf