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I'm unable to connect to my lights with the app.

Just like if you're out of range from a cellphone tower you can't make a call. If you're out of range of a HALO Home device you can't control your lighting.

The app needs to connect to HALO Home devices to give you the control you need to make changes. Since the system relies on each device to repeat commands you have to be in range of at least one of them.

Make sure your device is

  1. Installed correctly
  2. Powered on
  3. You're within 35 feet (line of sight)

Once HALO Home devices are connected they can send signals between each other up to 100 feet (line of sight). HALO Home devices installed outside of this range may become segmented from the rest of the system. To fix this you can either:

  • Move the device closer to the others
  • Add an AC powered HALO Home device (not battery powered) in between.
    A couple simple options to install would be the Smart Plug-in Lamp Dimmer or Smart Bulb