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What makes HALO Home's Bluetooth Smart + Mesh technology better than old-school Bluetooth® communications?

HALO Home products use mesh technology to build a lighting controls system with several distinct advantages.

  1. Great range - up to 100 feet between devices.
    Three devices easily cover a 2500 square foot home or office. Plus, individual devices act like repeaters so the network can be almost any size. Your range will depend on two things: your phone/tablet and your method of installation.
  2. Many-to-many controls. 
    Many people can control many devices through a single account.
  3. Drag and drop grouping saves electrician fees.
    With grouping, you can drag-and-drop individual lights or entire circuits together with the touch of a finger and operate them from a single button on the app, or from HALO Home controllers.
  4. Real-time dimming.
    The speed of Bluetooth Smart combined with CSRmesh enables HALO Home to deliver real-time dimming that is equivalent to wires.
  5. Schedules and programs live on the devices; Internet Optional.
    HALO Home is a distributed architecture where the schedules and programs live on the devices. That means that once you have programmed a switch with sunrise/sunset, groups or other functionality, they work 24/7--without access to the Internet or your smartphone. You can see a diagram below.

And then there are some additional bonuses of HALO Home's Bluetooth Smart plus Mesh technology.

  1. Instant set-up.
    With HALO Home, individual devices can be set up in less than 30 seconds.
  2. No hub required.
    Once set-up, HALO Home products work with or without the internet. HALO Home's mesh architecture creates a distributed network so there is no single point of failure like there is with hub-based systems.
  3. Remote access is a value-added option.
    Some people want to control their HALO Home devices from anywhere in the world. This can now be done using the HALO Home Smart Internet Access Bridge.